COVID-19 Policy Update

AIRPLUS Industrial

AIRPLUS Industrial COVID-19 Policies

As an essential service, we remain open and continue to provide service for our customers.

We have been actively monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Through this, our priorities remain 3-fold:

  1. The safety of our employees, clients and partners.
  2. The fulfilment of our customer needs.
  3. Playing our part in reducing the transmission of the virus.

Employee, Client & Partner Safety

In House Safety Protocols

We have implemented a rigorous and diligent cleaning and sanitation protocol at our facility and put proactive measures in place to limit exposure of our employees to anyone that has recently travelled, or has been in close contact with anyone that has been diagnosed with COVID-19. We have also implemented supportive and flexible policies for our staff so that our entire team feels safe. This includes work-from-home measures so that everyone can practice social distancing.

Limiting In-Person Contact

We ask that our clients limit in-person contact with our employees by: Leveraging meeting alternates such as video conferencing, online meeting hubs, screen sharing and telephone conference calling. Abstaining from visiting any of our offices or facilities if you can. If a part is needed and you are trying to pick-up, we will make arrangements to limit close personal contact and respect efforts in social distancing. Please follow the Public Health Agency of Canada guidelines listed here: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Resources for Canadian businesses and Community-based measures to mitigate the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Canada

Customer Order Fulfilment

Supply Chain

We have no concerns with our supply chain and our ability to deliver, manufacture, maintain or inspect any of our products, at this time. We do not foresee any areas of risk based on what is known now. We remain confident in our ability to deliver reliable service and quality products to our customers.

Inventory Levels

Currently, there are adequate inventory levels to meet demand for consumables. We are routinely checking in with our suppliers to ensure they are not being affected by any work stoppages. Please note, most of our raw materials are sourced within North America, and we have several qualified raw material sources.

Unforeseen Order Disruptions

All that being said, the COVID-19 is an ever-changing situation and we are continuously assessing it. If we anticipate any disruption to your order or service, we will contact you directly.

Playing Our Part

We are playing our part in helping to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 through our cleaning protocols, flexible work situations with our employees, and with your help by contacting each other using the various electronic methods in place of face-to-face meetings. We will provide updates as necessary. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your Airplus Representative. Together we can mitigate the spread of this virus and bolster the Canadian economy.