N.R. Murphy

Manufacturer of Dust Collectors, Cyclones, Fans & Accessories

N.R. Murphy manufactures a complete line of standard and custom-fabricated dry dust collectors, cyclones, fans and accessories for all types of industries.

NR Murphy Dust Collection Systems in Western Canada

In the future, people will will remain our most impertant strength.

N.R. Murphy Limited prides itself on being a people oriented company. Nothing is more important in the operation of the organization than the people it employs. This is a people organization from management to engineering and design, sales staff, accounting to manufacturing, and maintenance staff. Each person is an important part of the group that makes the company function.

This gives them an edge when it designs and develops machinery and equipment in the air pollution control field. After all, air pollution control equipment is machinery for people, their comfort, increased productivity, and their environmental future.


AIRPLUS provides N.R. Murphy collector systems throughout Western Canada. 

N.R Murphy Products

Shaker-Style Dust Collectors

Shaker-style dust collectors are best used for intermittent run times. Utilizing an automatic motor and timer, the filters are shaken clean after the unit is shut down to ensure filters are maintained for years.

N.R. Murphy manufactures and services Shaker Style Dust collectors with the FB Series for heavy-duty dust collection with its impressive 35000 cfm airflow and MK Series for small and medium-duty applications. Offered in 3 sizes the MK Series dust collector offer flexibility for industry.

Pulse-Jet-Style Dust Collectors

Pulse jet dust collectors are best used for 24/7 operations. Utilizing compressed air, the filters are blown clean on a set timer to help your company never miss a minute.

The N.R. Murphy HE series provides a continuous-duty, automatic self-cleaning filtration system for companies with no production downtime to ensure maximum productivity. Run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for no hassle dust collection.

The C Series Dust Collectors provide continuous duty, automatic self-cleaning filtration, utilizing cartridge-style filters. This series is ideal for low dust load applications of smoke, fumes, or fine dust particles.


Cyclones can be used as stand-alone air material separators or in conjunction with a dust collector. They can also be used as primary separators to provide classification or sizing of material. Available in a wide range of sizes, can be fabricated from a variety of materials.

The Single Cyclone is a high-efficiency design that utilizes centrifugal action along with gravitational forces to remove particulate matter.

The multiple-cyclone Multiclone shrinks the size of the cylinder to drastically increase the efficiency of the cyclone. Also beneficial for height-restricted environments.


Portable Dust Collectors

Portable dust collectors are available in 5″ and 7″ sizes to handle one or more machines that are located close to the dust collector. The MRX is available in a 2-bag or a 4-bag configuration. This compact, lightweight dust collector is easy to move between machines, and with a height of 8 feet, it is suited for plants with low headroom.  

The MRX-5 is a quick and easy-to-assemble lightweight dust collector, featuring a 5″ Inlet with a 2HP motor, delivering 771 CFM @ 5650 FPM.

The MRX-7 is an economical dust collector built for performance. Featuring a 7″ inlet with a 3HP motor, delivering 1443 CFM @ 5400 FPM.

Exhaust Fans

NR Murphy manufactures fans that are available in a range of sizes and capacities with several wheel designs and fan arrangements available to suit your application. They carry an extensive list of fan accessories and offer optional construction for heavy abrasive materials and spark resistance. All fans are digitally balanced to ensure perfect operation.

The Exhauster is fully customizable to allow for various levels of material and air handling. These fans can be built in direct-drive or belt-drive arrangements, with different levels of spark resistance.


N.R. Murphy manufactures a wide variety of dust collection accessories and components to upgrade or supplement your current system to meet NFPA compliance including:

  • Abort Dampers
  • Silencers
  • Rotary Airlocks
  • Inlet Blowback Dampers
  • Filters
  • Many Ducting Accessories

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Choosing the Right Dust Collection System for Your Facility

Choosing the proper dust-collection system for your application is dependent upon many factors. AIRPLUS Industrial has 30+ years of experience in designing, sourcing, installing and maintaining these systems, we can help you choose the right one for your facility.