Standard Filters

Optimal Filter Media for a Wide Variety of Applications

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Industrial Dust Control standard cartridge filters include Ultra-Tek, Endura-Tek, Cellulex & Vibra-Shake filters from Donaldson for a wide variety of applications.

Donaldson Standard Cartridge Filters

Choose cleaner air with Donaldson Torit® advanced-technology cartridge dust collector filter media that conquer the challenges for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Standard Cartridge Filter Types

Donaldson Ultra-Tek Cartridge Filter | AIRPLUS Industrial


Ultra-Tek® cartridge filters feature a synthetic and glass blend that is specifically designed for fibrous applications.



Endura-Tek™ and Endura-Tek™ XL cartridge filters offer extended filter life over traditional untreated cellulose on applications requiring a sturdier, humidity resistant media.

Donaldson Cellulex Cartridge Filter | AIRPLUS Industrial


Cellulex™ filters offer enhanced performance, long filter life, and high filtration efficiency on many applications due to a unique combination of fibre sizes.


Donaldson Vibra-Shake Cartridge Filter | AIRPLUS Industrial


The Vibra-Shake™ cartridge filter features proprietary Pleatloc™ corrugation that assures uniform pleat spacing for better self-cleaning and longer filter life.



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