Multi-Operator Central Vacuums

Continuous suction across your plant

AIRPLUS supplies Durovac Multi-Operator Central Vacuum systems that keep production moving with continuous suction across your plant

Continuous suction across your plant

Multi-operator vacuums provide consistent performance even as you add more operators. Keep production moving in your plant with continuous suction through a configured piping network, which makes it easy to collect material where and when you need it.

Filtration systems are designed to never clog with material. This provides a practical cleaning solution throughout your plant, keeping downtime and repair costs at a minimum.

  • Intended to have many operators working at once.
  • Modular components provide design flexibility for reduced installation costs.
  • The size of hose used is normally less than 2.5” ID and less than 50 feet long.
DuroVac Multi-Operator Vacuum system | AIRPLUS Industrial
Multi-Operator Vacuum system

We Can Help

Our in-house engineers and experts can help you determine the proper configuration for your facility.

Steps for determining the proper configuration for your facility

What we need from you...

When you contact us, please send the following information:
  1. Material Type
  2. Mess Size (pictures)
  3. Indoors/Outdoors
  4. Number of Simultaneous Operators
  5. Internal/External Storage
  6. Hose Length
  7. Farthest Point

What do we do with this information ?

  1. Calculate and select the right vacuum package for your application
  2. Match to a DuroVac® filter separator for maximum uptime
  3. Package everything up with piping design and ergonomic user/operator accessories

Choosing the Right Vacuum System for Your Facility

Choosing the proper vacuum system for your application is dependent upon many factors. AIRPLUS Industrial has 30+ years of experience in designing, sourcing, installing and maintaining vacuum systems, we can help you choose the right system for your facility.