Audits and Testing

AIRPLUS conducts compressed air audits to maximize the efficiency of compressed air systems & help you qualify for BC Hydro incentive programs for industry.

BC Hydro Offers Self-Serve Incentive Programs for Industry

Self-serve incentives cover up to 75% of project costs.

The online application makes it quick and easy to apply for incentives on improvements to your compressed air and lighting systems.

This is for you if…

  • Your facility uses more than 500 megawatt-hours of electricity per year.
  • Eligible technologies include:
    • Compressed air systems between 40 and 300 horsepower; and/or
    • Industrial lighting

Call Us to find out if you qualify 604-882-3741.

How it works

  1. Connect with AIRPLUS Industrial — a compressed air vendor. We are a member of our Alliance of Energy Professionals. We can develop your project scope and gather details for your application.
  2. Complete BC Hydro’s online application or work with your Key Account Manager or Regional Energy Manager to initiate a project.

Managing Compressed Air & Breathing Air Systems

Compressed Air Audits and Breathing Air Testing is important to keeping your air compressors or other equipment running efficiently and avoiding costly disruptions to your business operations.

AIRPLUS Industrial has a team of testing technicians that can audit your systems to ensure proper and efficient functioning of your systems and often spot trouble areas that can be fixed before causing a halt to operations.

Compressed Air Audits

AIRPLUS Industrial can conduct compressed air audits to to maximize the efficiency of your compressed air system. We can identify adjustments or corrections to your system to increase efficiencies and avoid work stoppages. Audits provide you with data on the condition of your system so we can help you reduce energy, maintenance and equipment costs.

BC Hydro Recommendations

BC Hydro recommends, “…managing [compressed air systems] more efficiently or taking a few proactive steps, you can lower your energy costs and save.”

BC Hydro also offers a list of simple tips to help you save on your compressed air systems”

  • Inspect and repair systems
  • Continuously monitor compressed air system
  • Use compressed air systems at necessary times only
  • Replace drain valves
  • Set pressures according to required processes
  • Upgrade your compressor filters
  • Maintain air receivers
  • Examine purge cycle on dryers
  • How energy management programs can help

Click Here to Read the Full BC Hydro Article

Breathing Air Testing

AIRPLUS Industrial can conduct breathing air testing to ensure your business is offering a reliable and safe supply of breathing air for workers exposed to hazardous materials or working conditions. Air samples are collected, tested, analyzed and recommendations for change may be made.

Associations and Credentials

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