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Advanced Oil & Coolant Mist Collection Technology

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AIRPLUS supplies media-based, centrifugal & electrostatic mist collectors for at-source or ambient collection of machining coolant mists for Canadain Industry.

Oil & Coolant Mist Collectors

Importance of Machining Mist Collection

Many metalworking applications use oil-based, water-soluble or synthetic coolants in their operations. The use of these coolants creates a mist that can collect on floors, walls, ceilings and local machinery causing a high-maintenance work environment. Floors can become slippery causing a safety hazard. Machinery can become clogged with combinations of mist and dust. Electrical circuitry can be impacted by these mists. Employee health can be impacted by inhalation or ingestion of these mists and it smells bad.

Key Industries

  • Machine Shops
  • Metalwork
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Tool & Die

Positive Impact of Mist Collection on Productivity

Mist collection at the source creates a safer working environment for employees. The removal of mist from the air also reduces machine maintenance and downtime. In the case of centrifugal collectors, the coolant mists can be reclaimed from the air and reused. All these benefits increase productivity, reduce downtime for machinery and increase safety for workers.

Types of Mist Collectors

Filtration Methods of Mist Collection

There are 3 different types of filtration used for mist collection:

Media Filter Collectors

This type of mist collector uses a specific media type to filter mist or fumes from the air. Generally a fan will force the airstream through the filtration media, purifying it. The filtered air exits the collector as clean while all impurities are trapped by the filter media. Filter media generally comes in cartridge form and may come in interchangeable media cartridge types to filter differing contaminate types or contaminate combinations such as mist and fumes from the same application.

Modular MediaFilter mist collector Vertical Configuration | AIRPLUS Industrial
Filter Media type mist collector

Centrifugal Collectors

Centrifugal mist collectors work on the principle of centrifugal force (outward moving force from rotation). Mist-laden air enters a rotating chamber inside a filter. The mist is forced into the filter by the centrifugal force where it collects and combines into larger droplets. The larger droplets are forced through the filter, by the same force, and collected on the inner surface of the rotating chamber where it exits through a drain. Centrifugal mist collectors are highly efficient on water-soluble mist applications and can handle high volumes of mist with inexpensive filters. In some applications the coolant can be reclaimed from the mist and reused. However, centrifugal mist collectors are only about 97% efficient for one-micron-sized particles, and typically require the addition of final stage filters to collect smoke and fine mists. These collectors are generally cheaper to operate but require more maintenance.

Centrifugal Mist Collector | AIRPLUS Industrial
Centrifugal collection type mist collector

Electrostatic Collectors

In electrostatic collectors the airstream is passed through a section of the collector containing high-voltage electrodes which charge the mist particles and droplets. The airsteam continues to a section of the collector containing oppositely charge collector plates or surfaces. The charged mist particles and droplets are drawn out of the airsteam by attraction to the collector plates. There is generally a pre-filter stage that removes large particles that are too large to be collected by the collector plates. The collector plate must be routinely cleaned either automatically or manually. Electrostatic mist collectors work very efficiently on sub-micron particles down to 0.003 microns. Electrostatic mist collectors generally cost more to initially purchase but negate the need for expensive HEPA filter replacements, so are less expensive to operate. Electrostatic mist collectors are good for continuous operation and offer a very small pressure drop to the airstream.

Methods of Mist Collection

There are 2 different collection methodologies used for mist collection:

Source Collection

Source collection occurs right at the source of the mist creation. These units are typically smaller machine-mounted units or portable unit. They generally have ducting and hoods or inlets to collect the mist at the machining application. Source collectors can also be facility mounted to floors, walls or ceilings and use ducting to collect the mists directly at the machining application. These mist collectors generally use media filtration or centrifugal collection to filter the mist.

Machining mist collector for CNC machining - Mist Collection| AIRPLUS Industrial
Collection at source

Ambient Collection

Ambient collection is the continuous filtration of the ambient air in a machining environment. These are typically used where disparate sources of mist occur or source collection is not possible. They can also be used in conjunction with source collection methods.

Ambient Collector



The Donaldson Torit® WSO mist collector system filters water, smoke and oil via Synteq™ XP draining technology resulting in lower pressure drop and longer filter life.

Donaldson WSO Mist Collector | AIRPLUS Industrial
WSO Mist Collector


The Donaldson Torit® Dryflo® machine-mountable coolant mist collector use a three-stage filtration process to reduce machining mist to create a safe work environment.

Donaldson Dryflo Mist Collector | AIRPLUS Industrial
Dryflo Mist Collector

Modular MediaFilter Vertical

Donaldson Modular MediaFilter™ Vertical mist collector systems use three-stage filtration to remove air contaminants produced from applications like grinding and wet machining

Donaldson Moldular MediaFilter Mist Collector | AIRPLUS Industrial
Moldular MediaFilter Mist Collector

Modular MediaFilter Horizontal

The Modular MediaFilter™ Horizontal oil mist collector use a three-stage filtration process to remove air contaminants produced by wet machining.

Donaldson Modular MediaFilter™ Horizontal Mist Collector | AIRPLUS Industrial
Modular MediaFilter™ Horizontal Mist Collector


Donaldson Torit® Mini-Mist oil mist collector is engineered for CNC machining, grinding, milling and drilling to collect oil, water-soluble and synthetic mists.

Donaldson Mini-Mist Oil Mist Collector | AIRPLUS Industrial
Mini-Mist Oil Mist Collector


The Donaldson Torit® Centrifugal oil mist collector is compact, machine-mountable and engineered to collect, filter and reclaim mist generated from wet machining.

Donaldson Centrifulgal Mist Collector | AIRPLUS Industrial
Centrifulgal Mist Collector


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Choosing the Right Mist Collector for Your Facility

Choosing the proper mist-collection system for your application is dependent upon many factors. AIRPLUS Industrial has 30+ years of experience in designing, sourcing, installing and maintaining mist collection systems, we can help you choose the right system for your facility.