Air Compressor Leasing

Compressed Air & Breathing Air Equipment

AIRPLUS leases compressors for equipment compressed air, breathing air systems & other custom configurations of industrial equipment throughout BC & Alberta.

Air System Compressor Leasing

When the Air Stops, Production Stops

Keep your facility running efficiently, move fast in emergencies or plan ahead for production variations. AIRPLUS Industrial Leasing Services can provide the necessary equipment to keep you up and running or fill equipment gaps in production.

Peace of mind that
you can stay up-and-running
no matter what happens.

Extra Equipment for Extra Production

Do you need extra equipment for a “one-off” production job or does a current project need something special? When you require compressed air where the requirement simply doesn’t justify the purchase of a complete compressor system, AIRPLUS Industrial has compressor leasing options to fulfill your needs.

Old air-pressure gauge registering zero pressure - Air compressor equipment leasing | AIRPLUS Industrial
When the air stops - Production stops
Air Compressor Leasing

Air Compressor Brands

In general we use Chicago Pneumatic compressors to build our systems for lease but there are other brands we can supply, namely:

  • Chicago Pneumatic
  • DV Systems

Air Compressor Types

There are several types of air compressors, each suited to different applications. We will help you choose the compressor type that best suited to your requirements

Air Treatments for Compressors

Compressed air treatment is a method that dehumidifies and cleans air prior to its entering the air compressor. This process usually involves the use of an air dryer and air filter before the air filter found in an air compressor.

Types of Equipment Available to Lease

The most common types of equipment leasing:

  • Breathing Air Compressors for areas with low-quality ambient air, eg. sandblasting. Comes complete with air compressor & engine.
  • Electric stationary air compressors 7.5 to 50HP
    • Common Sizes
      • 40 CFM
      • 60 CFM
      • 100 CFM
  • Sandblast Pots
  • Compressed Air Moisture Removal Systems
    • Pneumatic MRS using compressed air (250 and 450CFM)
    • Regenerative air dryers using desiccant (definition) to dry air
    • Refrigerated air dryers using cooling to dry air
    • Can be retro fitted to your equipment or be rented as a package with a compressor
  • Voltage Transformers to match equipment to electrical supply available
  • Larger equipment rentals can be negotiated according to cost and rental term

Lease Terms

We offer weekly or monthly terms. All equipment is FOB Our Facility, Langley City, BC.

Lease to Own

Sometimes our clients find they cannot live without their leased equipment — we understand.

Never fear, when this happens AIRPLUS Industrial is ready to negotiate lease-to-own terms and can usually apply 70% of pre-paid rental to the purchase price.


Breathing Air System Leases

Pre-Packaged Breathing Air System Leasing

Airplus Industrial packages breathing air systems come in 3 standard Plug’n’Play configurations based on common industrial requirements. The table below outlines the components involved in each configuration and salient specifications for each configuration. If you are unsure of a specification please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Custom Configuration Leasing

If you have specialized requirements for your process we can configure customized packages that will meet your needs, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Pre-Packaged Breathing Air Systems for Lease

Breathing Air System Leasing

Package Mod#DBAC-7.5DBAC-15DBAC-30
CompressorRotorcomp NK40Mattei Blade 11Rotorcomp NK100G
Capacity25 CFM59 CFM100 CFM
Working Pressure125 PSIG150 PSIG100 PSIG
Motor7.5 HP15 HP30 HP TEFC
Starterfull voltage type
with phase protection
full voltage type
with phase protection
full voltage type
with phase protection
Sound Enclosuren/a64dBan/a
Coolantair cooledair cooledair cooled
w/ after cooler & moisture separator
Air Cleanerdry type (replaceable)dry type (replaceable)dry type (replaceable)
Separatorspin on typespin on typespin on type
Tank Size30 gallon30 gallon120 gallon
Oil Filter10 micron spin on10 micron spin on10 micron spin on
Lubricant Typefood grade syntheticfood grade syntheticfood grade synthetic
Prefiltercoalescing typecoalescing typeF200 coalescer
Final FilterCPF Cartridge TypeCPF Cartridge TypeCPF Cartridge Type
Framecustomaluminumforklift skid
Product Sheet

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Learn More About Industrial Air Compressor Leasing

Choosing the proper air compressor for your application is dependent upon many factors. AIRPLUS Industrial has 30+ years of experience in designing, sourcing, installing and maintaining these systems.

We have pre-built systems to fit a variety of common needs in industry and stock them in our warehouse for fast delivery to your job site.

If you require “something special” we are willing to work with you to configure a system to meet your requirements and provide a lease that will make sense for you.