Industrial Vacuum

AIRPLUS supplies Durovac & Nortech vacuums for industrial cleaning & safety — central, stationary, portable, electric or pneumatic powered vacuums available.

Diverse Industrial Cleaning Needs

At AIRPLUS Industrial, we connect our customers to a complete inventory of high-quality vacuum products and accessories to solve any vacuum cleaning problem, from the shop to the mine.

DuroVac Industrial Vacuums

What makes DuroVac Vacuums Different

DuroVac believes in old-fashioned reliability. That makes planned obsolescence our enemy, because we design long-lasting industrial vacuums to make people happy whether they are operators, buyers, engineers or technicians.

With DuroVac, you can expect a premium experience from start to finish. Our highly knowledgeable team has spent more than 30 years building a reputable brand in the industrial vacuum industry. We understand the quality your team expects.

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Large Offering of Industrial Vacuums

We supply many different types of industrial vacuum cleaners for a variety of facility needs, including:

  • central vacuums for use throughout the whole facility
  • stationary vacuums for up to 12 tonnes/hour of heavy material collection
  • portable vacuums for facilities where filtration of fine powders are necessary
  • Portable vacuums where silica dust is an issue
  • pneumatic air-powered vacuums where electricity is a problem
  • a large variety of accessories & customization for your industrial vacuum cleaners
  • NFPA-compliant vacuum systems
DuroVac Central Industrial Vacuum System - Industrial Vacuum Cleaners | AIRPLUS Industrial
DuroVac Industrial Central Vacuum System

Customized Central Vacuum Systems

Custom-designed central vacuum systems provide a thorough cleanup of any shop or production plant. Our DuroVac™ industrial vacuum units are ideally suited for difficult cleaning jobs in any mine, mill or industrial setting.

Ignition-Proof & Explosion-Proof Vacuum Cleaners

DuroVac Lifetime LTS 85 Vacuum - Safety Vacuum
The DuroVac LTS-85 Lifetime Series Vacuum can clean up fine silica dust safely.

In hazardous areas where combustible dusts are present, we offer a line of explosion-proof vacuums that will safely handle combustible dusts and clean areas for greater safety. Cleanups in the field are not a problem for our line of portable, high-volume vacuum cleaners.

Nortech Air-Powered Vacuums

Powered by compressed air, always dependable & trouble free with no motors or moving parts to wear out, nortech vacuum generating heads produce exceptional vacuum lift & vacuum flow while operating quietly & efficiently.  Options include: liquid shutoff assembly, HEPA filtration, & extra silent exhaust.

Vacuum & Accessory Brands We Trust

  • Industrial vacuums by DuroVac
  • Air-powered vacuums by Nortech®
  • H-P Products vacuum piping and fittings
  • Vacuum producers by Greatech
  • ASL custom vacuum tools