Industrial Compressed Air Systems

Industrial Air Compressor Systems

AIRPLUS Industrial provides industrial air compressor systems for use inside your facility or in-the-field, transportable systems customized to your application.

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Complete Air Compressor System on Skid
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Quantum Blower on Skid

Customized Industry-Specific Packages

We offer a number of custom compressed air solutions designed to be industry-specific including:

  • Custom package compressors for the rail industry
  • Custom package compressors for the drilling industry
  • Dedicated breathing air compressors
  • Custom-built low-pressure blower systems

Turnkey Air Compressor Systems

Air Compressor System Design & Installation

AIRPLUS Industrial has the expertise to choose the right compressed-air products for your application and a dedicated team able to deliver custom-built compressed air solutions and install them for you. Our goal is to provide our customers with quality products and solutions at a competitive price — whether you need a stationary air compressor for your shop, a portable custom-built package for a specific application or a complete system design and installation — we can provide a compressed air solution for you.

Compressed Air Products We Supply

Our Range of Compressed Air Products includes:

  • A wide range of air compressors & blowers
  • Custom designed compressor packages
  • Air purifiers & purification equipment
  • Compressed air piping systems
  • Filters & Air treatment products
  • Air receivers & system accessories
  • a full complement of air system accessories

Air Compressors Types

AIRPLUS Industrial offers a wide range of compressed air products including:

  • Rotary screw and rotary vane air compressors
  • Reciprocating and oil free compressors
  • Positive displacement & regenerative blowers
  • Oil-free & high-pressure compressors
  • Regenerative & refrigerated air dryers
  • Dedicated breathing air compressors
  • Custom-designed compressor packages

Air Compressor Brands

AIRPLUS Industrial designs and manufactures air compressor systems using components sourced from industry leaders worldwide including:

  • Chicago Pneumatic
  • DV Systems

Air Treatments for Compressed Air

AIRPLUS Industrial includes a variety of compressed air treatments in their systems. Air treatment is a method that dehumidifies and cleans air prior to its entering the air compressor. This process usually involves the use of an air dryer and air filter before the air filter found in the compressor. These air treatments can include:

  • Refrigerated dryers
  • Heatless Adsorption dryers
  • Line filters

Air System Compressor Leasing

Pre-Built Systems in Stock

We have pre-built systems to fit a variety of common needs in industry and stock them in our warehouse for fast delivery to your job site.

Custom-Built Systems to Order

If you require “something special” we are willing to work with you to configure a system to meet your requirements and provide a lease that will make sense for you.

Air Compressor Service

AIRPLUS Industrial services virtually all brands and types of air compressors.

Brands We Trust: