A Collection of Studies & Cases


A collection of studies, cases & educational materials to help you understand the evolving dust, mist & fume collection, and the compressed-air industries.
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A Case for Ultra-Web Cartridges




A case for Ultra-Web Cartridge Whitepaper download icon |AIRPLUS Industrials

Virus Filtration For Medical & Dental Facilities

Download Icon for Medical filtration Whitepaper | AIRPLUS Industrial

Combustible Dust Risk Mitigation in Wood Pellet Mills

Download icon for wood pallet industry hazard mitigation whitlepaper | AIRPLUS Industrial

Understanding the New NFPA 652


Download icon for NFPA 652 Whitepaper | AIRPLUS Industrial

Protecting Backup Generators & UPS Against Risk of Fire

Download icon for Protect Backup Generators & UPS from risk of fire whitepaper | AIRPLUS Industrial

Protecting Computer & Data Centres Against Risk of Fire

Download icon for Protect Computer rooms from fire whitepaper | AIRPLUS Industrial


FIRETRACE Fire Protection Solutions for Dust Collectors


Protection Strategy in Wood Products Facilities



Protection strategy in wood products facilities download icon | AIRPLUS Industrial