Our Products

Leading brands from the top manufacturers. We have established and longlasting relationships with manufacturers and brands we trust, allowing us to offer the best products at the best prices to you.

Dust Control

Complete offering of dust collectors for all types of dust, mist collectors for machining applications and welding fume extractors plus complete ducting and ventilation systems.

Fire & Explosion Suppression

Several fire and explosion suppression products including flameless vents, pressure relief valves, process isolation, rupture discs and process monitoring systems.

Specialized Fan Applications

We offer fan and blower applications to work in both wet and dry environs, for specific dust collection, corrosive gases, packed bed scrubbers, air pollution and odour control.

Fume Extraction

Offering a complete line of products to extract and collect welding fumes, at source or from ambient air, providing a safe and productive work environment.

Mist Collection

A full line of machine-mountable or ambient-air mist collectors to reduce risk to employees and machine maintenance.

Compressed Air

We can design, build and install compressed-air systems to meet your specific needs in the shop or out in the field. We can customize compressor specifically for the rail or drilling industries.

Industrial Vacuum

We offer several brands of vacuums, central or portable, to operate in-plant or at the job-site, from basic cleaning to hazardous material handling, we have the right vacuum to meet your needs.

Abrasive Blasting

A complete offering of abrasive blasting equipment from small blast pots to dedicated blasting rooms with stock of the accessories needed keep the operation going. We also offer material recovery and worker safety equipment.

Breathable Air

Complete air filtration solutions to ensure in-plant air quality remains optimal, including filtration products, welding fume extractors, mist collectors and air-makeup systems.

Solvent Recyclers

We offer a line batch-type, continuous-flow or distillation column solvent recyclers that allow you to reuse solvents and treat your hazardous waste in your own plant, saving you money and time.

Used & Rebuilt Equipment

We have a number of used and rebuilt dust, mist & fume collectors, compressed-air equipment and associated machinery currently in our inventory.