Solvent Recyclers

AIRPLUS Industrial offers batch-type, continuous-flow or distillation column solvent recyclers – allowing solvent reuse & in-house treatment of hazardous waste

Solvent Recycling Saves Time, Reduces Costs & Increases Environmental Safety

AIRPLUS Industrial offers batch-type, continuous-flow or distillation column solvent recyclers that allow you to reuse solvents and treat your hazardous waste in your own facility. This reduces the possibility of spillage and cross-solvent contamination that may occur when outsourcing your solvent recycling needs. Cost savings can be substantial with equipment payback periods as short as 3 months in some cases.

ISTpure Large Capacity Solvent Recycler | AIRPLUS Industrial

Solvent Recyclers Reduce Operating Costs

Our solvent recycling equipment has been proven to reduce hazardous waste disposal costs by up to 90% and up to a 95% reduction in new solvent purchases. Most clients have achieved a return on investment (ROI) in 4 to 12 months. The recovery rate of recycled solvent is over 97% pure by most clients, This recycled solvent that can be reintroduced in their processes, used and recycled again!

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Solvent Recycling & Distillation Systems

AIRPLUS Industrial offers ISTpure ™ on-site Solvent Recycling Systems. These systems provide cost-effective solutions for safely recycling solvents and other hazardous chemicals from industrial applications. The ISTPure systems are easy-to-use, require low maintenance and supervision, and are built with robust, corrosion-free stainless steel tanks.

Solvent Recyclers Advantages Over Outsourcing

Solvents are considered a hazardous waste and must be disposed of accordingly. Outsourcing industrial solvent to a waste disposal company increases liability, risks and paperwork.

In-Plant Solvent Recyclers can:

  • reduce risk of legal liability
  • reduce risk of spillage
  • reduce cross-solvent contamination
  • reduce operating costs
  • reduce EPA paperwork requirements

Solvent Recycler Certification

All solvent recycling equipment must be certified according to International Safety Standards:

  • CSA Certified, Class I, Division I, Group D
  • UL Standard 2208, Class 1, Div 1, Group D
  • NFPA 30
  • NFPA 33
  • NFPA 70

All solvent recyclers we provide adhere to these above standards.

Determining Proper Solvent Recycling Equipment

Solvent Contaminate Evaluation

AIRPLUS Industrial will evaluate the solvents you use and the contaminate profile post-process, according to MSDS standards, before recommending a solvent recycling systems for you.

Recycler Processing Capacity

AIRPLUS Industrial provides a range of solvent recyclers with capacities ranging from 30 litres daily to 1100 litres hourly. We match the proper equipment processing capacity to your specific requirements.

Types of Solvent Recyclers

Batch-Type Solvent Recyclers

The ISTpure™ SR Series batch-type solvent recyclers allow up to two distillation processes each day and are available in tank capacities of 30, 60, 120, 180 and 240 litres. These recyclers incorporate leading edge technological improvements in a vertical-design to create the most reliable, long-lasting and efficient solvent recycler in the industry.

Batch Type Solvent Recycler - On Site Solvent Recyclers | AIRPLUS Industrial
Batch Type Solvent Recyclers

Use With Volatile Solvents

These units can include a vacuum option to accelerate distillation process or increase system performance when treating volatile solvents like acetone (C3H6O). Vacuum systems decrease the boiling point of solvents resulting in less energy consumption.

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Large Capacity Solvent Recyclers

Continuous Flow Solvent Recyclers

The ISTpure™ CSR Series Solvent Recyclers provide a continuous flow distillation process of cleaning industrial solvents. These units are equipped with vacuum pump allowing safe transfer of solvent between a collection barrel and distillation tank during the process. The vacuum system also increases the performance of the distillation process. A scrapper that keeps bottom of tank clean and free of residue is included.

The ISTpure™ CSR Series Solvent Recyclers are suitable for an industrial company’s daily consumption of solvent which ranges from 15 to 375 litres per hour.

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Continuous Flow Solvent Recyclers
Continuous Flow Solvent Recyclers | AIRPLUS Industrial
Continuous Flow Solvent Recyclers

Customized Distillation Columns

The ISTpure™ SRXC series is a completely automated chemical distillation column designed to address a high purity chemical purification application across multiple industries.

The system is designed to remove water, cross-contaminate chemicals and other contaminants from the chemical being purified.
A specially designed fractional distillation column with a reflux stream is used to separate the materials continuously while keeping flow rates between 95 & 19000 litres per hour, 24 hours per day.

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Custom Distillation Column
Customized Distillation Columns - Solvent & Chemical Recycling | AIRPLUS Industries