Breathing Air Systems

AIRPLUS provides mobile or stationary breathing-air compressor systems for industry, delivering safe, clean air to your workforce. Customized systems available.


Breathing Air in Industrial Settings

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Clean and safe breathable air is critical for commercial and industrial facilities. Industrial processes can introduce contaminants such as dust, mist or fumes into the air. These contaminants put employees’ health and safety at serious risk. The risk becomes greater when employees are working in enclosed spaces, such as manufacturing plants and other industrial settings. To ensure the safety of all employees, employers must understand the risks of poor indoor air quality and the importance of meeting Grade D breathable air standards in the United States and CSA Standard Z180.1-13 in Canada.

Breathing Air Standards in USA, Canada, EU & UK

Region United States Canada EU & UK
Standard CGA7.1
OSHA Grade D
CSA Z180.1-13 EN12071
Maximum Dew Point Varies by Application 5oC below lowest system temperature -23oF (-31oC)
Odour & Taste no pronounced odour no pronounced odour no pronounced odour
Allowable O2 Range 19.5 to 23.5% 20 to 22% 21% ±1%
Maximum CO Levels 10ppm < 5ppm < 5ppm
Maximum CO2 Levels 1000ppm < 600ppm < 500ppm

Ambient Air Filtration

Dust, Mist & Fume Collectors can and should be used to filter contaminants from the ambient air within a facility.
Use the links below to learn more about Ambient Air Filtration:

When working in confined areas or hazardous areas where ambient air filtration will not meet air-quality standards, breathing air systems must be employed.

Breathing Air Systems

Whether it is working with fine abrasives, cleaning, hazardous locations it is paramount that you select a breathing air system that is safe and reliable.

Breathing Air Equipment Uses

AIRPLUS Industrial offers breathing-air equipment for use in hazardous environments to address problems with:

  • chemical gases
  • particulate from abrasive blasting or other process
  • oil & oil by-products
  • odours from processes including VOC’s
  • carbon monoxide – CO
  • carbon dioxide – CO2
Cool Air™ Portable Pump

Breathing Air System Certification

AIRPLUS Industrial offers the certification and parts required to keep your breathing air system working properly.

Breathing Air System Leasing

Pre-Packaged Breathing Air Systems

AIRPLUS Industrial packaged breathing air systems come in 3 standard Plug’n’Play configurations based on common industrial requirements. If you are unsure of a specification please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Custom Configuration Breathing Air Systems

If you have specialized requirements for your process we can configure customized packages that will meet your needs, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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