Dura-Life™ Anti-Static Oleophobic Bag Filters

Prevents Static Charge in Wet, Oily or Sticky Dust Applications

Donaldson Dura-Life Anti-Static Oleophobic Baghouse Filters | AIRPLUS Industrial
Dura-Life Anti-Static Oleophobic Baghouse Filters

Dura-Life™ Anti-Static Oleophobic Baghouse Filters

Donaldson Dura-Life™ Anti-Static Oleophobic bag filters prevent static charge build-up in wet, oily or sticky dust applications.

Prevent dangerous static charges around wet, oily or sticky dust and manage dust that clings to non-conductive filter media with Donaldson Dura-Life Anti-Static Oleophobic bag filters. At the heart of the filter is Donaldson Dura-Life filter media that out-cleans and outlasts conventional polyester media.

The secret is in the unique hydroentanglement manufacturing process that requires no needling that plaques traditional media with large pores that embed dust, inhibit cleaning and shorten filter life. Dura-Life Anti-Static bag filters can improve the performance of most popular brands of baghouse collectors.


  • Filter actively dissipates static charge buildup for safety and improved dust particle release
  • Oleophobic treatment improves performance on wet, oily and stick dust applications
  • Improved surface loading prevents media penetration, improving pulse cleaning efficiency and lowering pressure drop
  • 2-3 times the filter life of traditional polyester bag filters
  • Available in a wide variety of top and bottom configurations and lengths
  • Heat-seam construction increases dependability and efficiency
  • Ground wires, abrasion cuffs and expansion rings are available


Wet, oily and sticky dust collection applications in:

  • Dalamatic Baghouse Units
  • HP Baghouses
  • HPB Baghouses
  • MB Baghouses
  • PJ & PJD Baghouses
  • RF Baghouses
  • RJ Baghouses
  • All popular makes and models of competitive baghouse collectors


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