Fabric Baghouse Filters

The Widest Range of Best Filter Media in the Industry

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Fabric Baghouse Filters

We offer an unmatched product range of fabric baghouse filters, including high-performance, specialty media & competitive fit replacements for baghouse collectors

Fabric Baghouse Filter Types

Donaldson Performance Fabric Baghouse Filters | AIRPLUS Industrial

Performance Fabric Baghouse Filters

High-efficiency filter bags that offer premium filtration performance for all types of baghouse dust collectors.

Donaldson Specialty Fabric Baghouse Filters | AIRPLUS Industrial

Specialty Fabric Baghouse Filters

Donaldson specialty fabric bags are designed specifically for high-temperature applications.

Donaldson Standard Fabric Baghouse Filters | AIRPLUS Industrial

Standard Fabric Baghouse Filters

Donaldson standard fabric filter bags for baghouse dust collectors offer strong and abrasive resistant media to handle most applications.

Donaldson Competitive Fit Fabric Baghouse Filters | AIRPLUS Industrial

Competitive Fit Replacement Filters

Donaldson competitive fit baghouse dust collector filters give you Donaldson performance in the dust collector you already use.


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Donaldson Replacement Filters

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With hundreds of varieties to choose from and all in-stock orders shipped within 24 hours, AIRPLUS is the best, most reliable source for high-performance cartridge and bag filters.