Explosion Vent Panels

Providing a Planned Pathway for Expanding Gases to Escape

AIRPLUS designs & installs customized Explosion Panels & Flameless Venting for industries where explosive dust exists, protecting workers, equipment & property.

Explosion Vent Panels

Explosion venting is one of the most common and effective forms of explosion protection. Relieving the overpressure from a potential industrial explosion and providing a planned pathway for the expanding gases to escape.

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Explosion Panels & Flameless Venting


This video shows the construction process and the difference that the Vigilex VQ product can make during an explosive event.

Requirements of a Dust Explosion

The basic requirements for a dust explosion to occur is that combustible dusts are suspended in air and are ignited. In practice, for a dust explosion to occur, a number of conditions must be met including:

  1. The dust must be combustible, have a particle size capable of spreading the flame and release enough heat when it burns to sustain the fire.
  2. The dust must be capable of being suspended in the air.
  3. The concentration of the dust suspension must be within the explosible domain/range.
  4. An ignition source must be in contact with the dust suspension.
  5. The atmosphere must contain sufficient oxygen to support and sustain combustion.
  6. There is a form of confinement or enclosure that allows pressure to build.
Six requiremnts of a dust explosion - Explosion Venting | AIRPLUS Industrial
Six Requirements of a Dust Explosion

Dust Explosions - 6 Core Points


This video explains the anatomy of a dust explosion in 6 core points.

How Explosion Venting Works

Definition of an explosion vent: A non-reclosing pressure relief device to discharge the explosion energy outside.

An Explosion Vent is a designed weak-point in a pressure system. It will limit the explosion overpressure by releasing the unburned dust/air mixture and other products of combustion, from the system.

Although Explosion Panels do not prevent an explosion from occurring, they prevent the vessel from over-pressure by limiting the maximum pressure within the vessel.

Dispersing Explosive Energy


This video explains the anatomy of a dust explosion and demonstrates how Vigilex Explosion Venting disperses explosive energy differently than standard vents.

Designing Explosion Vents Specifically for You

AIRPLUS Industrial can do a Dust Hazard Analysis if you have not done one.

We will determine the specific characteristic of your dust hazard and information related to your facility and applications. Once this accomplished we will determine the surface areas of the vents to be placed in your applications to be protected, specifically designed for your needs and conforming to the EN14491, EN14994, VDI3673 and NFPA 68 standards.

We can offer you comprehensive advice to guide you in your choices and optimize your investments.

Vigilex Explosion Protection - Explosion Vent Panels | AIRPLUS Industrial
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Brands We Trust

We offer the following explosion protection equipment and solutions:

  • Firefly spark detection and extinguishing systems for pneumatic ducts & conveyors.
  • Firefly Quick Suppression systems for machinery & space protection.
  • IEP Active Explosion suppression for equipment & pneumatic process isolation.
  • Vigilex Passive vents and for equipment & process protection.
  • SEVO Novec-1230 for Data Centres
  • MCC control room and Power Distribution Centre protection.
  • Firetrace pre-engineered solutions for small space & cabinet protection.
  • Advanced Fire Systems for building fire alarm detection & notification.
  • inControl CO2 fire suppression for outdoor spaces & equipment.