Engineering Design

Design Solutions for Air Systems

AIRPLUS Industrial is known for its ability to design, create & install unique equipment configurations to meet demanding in-the-field or in-plant situations.

Unique System Design for Unique Situations

In-house engineer working in SolidWorks - Engineering Design | AIRPLUS Industrial
Our in-house engineer working in SolidWorks

AIRPLUS Industrial Corp. is known for its ability to design, create and install unique equipment configurations to meet demanding situations, especially for those situations that are “in the field”.

Examples of Unique Designs

We have designed, built and installed equipment in all types of environments like:

  • On processes requiring specialized dust collection or air filtration located at the process and integration into larger dust-collection system.
  • Full turn-key varied solutions for small-shop dust collection
  • Packaged system requiring multiple components that work together to meet unique requirements
  • Full compressor rooms that are “plug & play”, integrated into portable shipping containers to be deployed on site as needed

End-to-End Full Compressor Systems

AIRPLUS Industrial Corp. can look at your air compressor system requirements (up to 150 HP), design a solution to meet those requirements, manufacture the system and fully install the system at your facility or job site. We can also integrate the new equipment into your existing system if needed.

Product Design – Air Systems for Rail

AIRPLUS Industrial is ISO9001 certified to create packaged component products to meet unique needs of the railway industry. We take existing components and configure them to work as a system and package them as an off-the-shelf product that is the same every time. This saves our clients from having to recreate these products each time they are needed.

Tell Us About Your Unique Need

If you have unique requirements for dust, mist and fume collection, air-compressor system, or breathing-air system we are experienced and capable of designing, building and installing a system built just for you.