Filters for Dust, Mist & Fume Collectors

AIRPLUS Industrial supplies filters for most major brands of dust, mist & fume collectors.

We offer a ready-to-ship-in-24-hours program.

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Donaldson Dust, Mist & Fume Collector Filters

AIRPLUS Industrial carries dust, mist and fume collector filters for all Donaldson Torit® dust collectors and most major brands of collectors in Canada today. We offer a Ready-To-Ship in 24 hours filters program for all major brands of cartridge and baghouse collectors.

PowerCore Filter Packs | AIRPLUS Industrial

PowerCore® Filter Packs

The high filtration efficiency of PowerCore® Filter Packs reduces emissions and saves energy, lowering your total cost of ownership.

Cartridge Filters

Choose cleaner air with Donaldson Torit® advanced-technology cartridge dust collectors filter smedia that conquer the challenges of most types of industrial dusts.
Pleated Bag Filters | AIRPLUS Industrial

Pleated Bag Filters

Donaldson Torit® Pleated Filter Bags offer a greater return on investment for baghouse customers by delivering longer filter life, higher efficiency and cost savings.

Baghouse Filters | AIRPLUS Industrial

Baghouse Filters

Donaldson continually raises the bar in bag filter technology, providing the widest range of dust collector filter bags for any baghouse dust collectors
Mist Filters | AIRPLUS Industrial


Donaldson oil mist collection filters are specially designed for applications using straight oils, mineral oils, water-soluble and synthetic and semi-synthetic coolants.
Panel Filters | AIRPLUS Industrial


Donaldson Panel Filters are made of lightweight yet sturdy aluminum, contain superior filter media, and come with built-in handles for easy maintenance.  

Donaldson Replacement Filters

Ready to Ship in 24 Hours

With hundreds of varieties to choose from and all in-stock orders shipped within 24 hours, AIRPLUS is the best, most reliable source for high-performance cartridge and bag filters.