PowerCore Dust Collectors

Smaller Footprint, Smarter Operation

PowerCore collectors are 50-70% smaller than traditional systems while capable of handling high airflow & fitting into small spaces. They have better filtration, reduced operational costs & easier maintenance.

Donalson PowerCore Dust Collectors

Donaldson Torit® PowerCore® dust collectors with PowerCore filter packs solve the industry’s need for better filtration, reduced operational cost, a smaller footprint and easier maintenance. PowerCore collectors are 50-70% smaller than traditional systems but just as capable of handling high airflow while fitting into the smallest places.

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CP Series PowerCore Dust Collectors

Donaldson Torit® PowerCore® CP Series cartridge dust collectors use smaller, more efficient filters compared to baghouse models with a footprint up to 50% smaller.

It’s smart to switch to a Donaldson Torit® PowerCore® CP Series dust collector. It uses significantly smaller and more powerful filter packs than baghouses, provides better dust collection, requires less steel, saves transportation costs, and lowers operational costs.

The key is PowerCore filter packs. Combining Donaldson Torit’s proven and proprietary Ultra-Web® surface-loading technology with a rugged fluted-media configuration, PowerCore filter packs last longer, clean easier, lower emissions, and eliminate bridging.


A stand-alone Torit PowerCore CPC Series dust collector is 50% smaller than a traditional baghouse and a CPV bin vent collector is up to 70% smaller than other bag bin systems. With Torit PowerCore, you can save space, install at point of use, eliminate ductwork and replace a large central dust collector.


An optimized airflow management system delivers optimal pulse cleaning while minimizing airflow restriction.


Innovative PowerCore filtration technology means reduced freight and installation costs, fewer filter changeouts, lower maintenance costs, and no entry requirements for filter changes.

Today’s streamlined and lean manufacturing facilities demand peak performance even within the smallest spaces. Torit PowerCore space-saving dust collectors are available as stand-alone models that can be ducted to many different applications, as well as bin vent models used on applications like silos, conveyor transfer points, conveyor discharges, blenders and mixers.

Donaldson CP-Series PowerCore Dust Collector | AIRPLUS Industrial
Donaldson CP-Series PowerCore Dust Collector
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CP Series Airflow


Torit PowerCore CPC stand-alone dust collectors, available in a range of airflows from 1,189 to 56,067 m3/h / 700 to 33,000 cfm, use less floor space and fit into tight spaces.

Bin Vent

Torit PowerCore CPV bin vent systems, with airflows of 765 to 13,932 m3/h / 450 to 8,200 cfm, deliver more powerful technology in a much smaller package. The comparison to traditional bag-style bin vents is dramatic. CPV bin vent collectors are almost 70% shorter than other bag-style bin vents and effectively address the frequent challenge of tight space limitations.

Point-of-Use Installation

These bin vents can be installed at point-of-use on silos, conveyor transfer points, conveyor discharges, blenders and mixers.


This video shows the addition of a CP-Series PowerCore Dust Collector to an existing conveyor system.

TG Series PowerCore Dust Collectors

Smart Filtration with Fan & Cleaning Controls for Metal Fabrication

Just how small is the Torit® PowerCore® TG Series collector? This collector, designed for thermally generated dust, is in a category by itself with a footprint up to 65% smaller than most cartridge collectors, and houses smarter technology in the widest range of completely packaged and assembled units available up to 10,000 cfm.

Torit PowerCore TG collectors’ strong and sleek all-welded housing is the ideal fit as a stand-alone on the plant floor or integrated into an OEM design. Factor in the energy saver package, quiet motor and smart controls specifically designed for metalworking, and the choice is clear. The Torit PowerCore TG’s custom-engineered components and integrated electrical controls—in combination with Torit PowerCore filtration technology—provide a finished product of superior quality.

PowerCore Filter Pack: Not a Bag, Not a Cartridge

What makes Torit PowerCore TG so smart? The difference is compact PowerCore filter packs with easy-grip handles that don’t require tools.

A complete departure from the traditional cartridge filter, offset-stack PowerCore filter packs with high performance flame-retardant Ultra-Web® filter media combine Donaldson Torit’s proprietary technologies that are proven in the field for more than 10 years.

Best of all, one PowerCore filter pack replaces up to three traditional cartridge filters, resulting in fewer, faster filter changes.

  • Smarter Filter Packs
  • Efficient Filter media
  • Cost-effective
  • Completely packaged
  • Smaller Footprints
Donaldson TG Series PowerCore
Donaldson TG Series PowerCore Dust Collector
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Optimized as a System

Smarter Filter Cleaning

Torit PowerCore TG collectors include a new state-of-the-art ZERO-Turn Power Pulse Cleaning System which is specifically designed to work in tandem with PowerCore® TG filter packs and surface-loading Ultra-Web® media. It delivers maximum cleaning energy in straight-line paths through the media and easily pulses the dust out of the fluted channels.

Donaldson TG Series PowerCore ZERO-Turn Power Pulse Cleaning System | AIRPLUS Industrial
Donaldson TG Series PowerCore ZERO-Turn Power Pulse Cleaning System

PowerCore TG Series Service

Torit PowerCore TG filter packs are easy to remove and install. No tools required. Better yet, it takes only one person to do the job. Just open the T-Handles on the front access door and open the proprietary rotary filter locks to get instant access to the filter packs. PowerCore filter packs are lightweight and remain below the 50-pound OSHA Lift Limit even at the end of their life cycle.

SVU Series PowerCore Silo Venting

Smaller, Smarter Dust Collector for Silos

The Silo Venting Unit will satisfy the need not only for more efficiency and reduced maintenance but also for convenience and workplace safety.

The Donaldson SVU series brings the performance and convenience of the PowerCore® technology to the silo venting market. Built to withstand severe weather conditions, the SVU series is specially designed to vent pneumatically filled storage silos during truck unloading operations.


You can’t always avoid having your maintenance workers climbing and working on high-height silos, but you can control how convenient and safe it is.

Time-consuming and often very dirty maintenance processes, frequently under precarious working conditions, are a thing of the past when using the PowerCore SVU.


Up to 54% shorter compared to conventional silo dust filters.

Robust and Protected

High-quality Stainless steel body with weather protective hood.

Clean, Easy and Safe Maintenance

No tooling required, no losable parts, and a low height of just 532 mm / 21 in.

Extended Filter Life

Pulse Jet cleaning combined with PowerCore technology means extended filter life and service intervals.

Donaldson PowerCore SVU Series Silo Filtration | AIRPLUS Industrial
Donaldson PowerCore SVU Series Silo Filtration
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This video illustrates the advantages and advancements of the Donaldson PowerCore SVU Series Silo Venting Filters.

Optimized as a System

The SVU is up to 54% shorter than traditional silo venting collectors; its compact and low-height design provides easy and safe access to the filter packs. With the Silo Venting Unit, you can save space, reduce maintenance requirements and hazards generated by changing long and dirty filter bags or cartridges on a silo top.

While up to 6 bag filters or cartridges have to be moved up and down on conventional silo venting solutions, the SVU only needs 2 lightweight and compact filter packs; changing the PowerCore filter packs can be done easily and safely by just one person with no tools or losable part, in no time.

The performance, reliability, and ergonomy of the SVU are derived from a combination of advanced filtration technology, unique form factors and high-performance reverse jet cleaning to ensure effective dust release and a continuous level of operation for longer. Fewer filters, better cleaning, and shorter maintenance lead to major cost savings over the life of the collector.

High Performance Filter Packs | AIRPLUS Industrial
High Performance Filter Packs: PowerCore filter packs obround shape, in conjunction with Donaldson proprietary Ultra-Web media, trap more dust on the surface of the media flutes than conventional filter bag materials Surface loading greatly promotes filter cleaning.

At the core of the SVU unique design is PowerCore, the most innovative filtration technology from Donaldson integral to the dramatic downsizing of the PowerCore SVU series. An entirely new approach to dust collectors, the PowerCore filter pack is small, lightweight, and easily handled by one person. Donaldson’s PowerCore technology combined to our well-proven Ultra-Web® advanced fine-fibre technology allows for a more effective filter area to be packaged in a smaller space.

Pneumatic Silo Venting applications typically requiring up to 6 filter bags or cartridges (24 m²/ 258 ft² ) in the past now only needs 2 PowerCore compact filter packs. With more media packed into a smaller space and a simplified airflow path, PowerCore filter packs provide high performance with a low-pressure drop.

Donaldson PowerCore SVU Series Silo Filtration Design 1 | AIRPLUS Industrial
Difference between Donaldson® PowerCore® SVU Series and a traditional silo venting collector using filter bags or cartridges.
Donaldson PowerCore SVU Series Silo Filtration Design 2 | AIRPLUS Industrial
Unlike traditional silo venting solutions, the PowerCore SVU cover remain safely accessible.
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