Industrial Fans & Blowers

Industrial Fans – British Columbia

AIRPLUS is a leading supplier of industrial & commercial fans & blowers for BC & Western Canada. We will customize fans to meet your application requirements. We also maintain or repair your fans and can optimize your fan or blower to work at peak efficiency.

Industrial Blowers & Fans

Industrial fans and Industrial blowers provide large flows of air or other gases, usually through ductwork, to various parts of a building or structure. The air or gas movement is achieved by rotating a number of angled blades, connected to a hub and rotated by a  shaft which is driven by a motor or turbine. Industrial fans and blowers are designed with heavy-duty materials and components to provide longer duty cycles, greater airflow and pressure while meeting environmental standards, even in corrosive environments.

Key Industries

  • Cement & Lime
  • Iron, Steel & Metalworks
  • Mining
Industrial Inline Fan - Industrial Fans & Blowers | AIRPLUS Industrial Corp.
Industrial Inline Fan

Custom Industrial Fan Integration

AIRPLUS Industrial carries a full line of industrial fans for virtually every industry and application. We supply the most durable and efficient industrial fans and blowers in the industry. Our team is dedicated to fully integrating our fan and blower products into your commercial or industrial applications. We have decades of experience building custom fans for our client’s specialized and unique applications.

Axial Fans

Our line of inline axial fans are used in applications where space is at a premium; from low pressure / high volume ambient air movement to heavy industrial custom process applications. Some typical applications for axial fans include air-assist flares, combustion air, mining, high-plume, wastewater treatment air movement, transportation, pulp/paper, and process supply/exhaust.

Centrifugal Fans & Blowers

We also offer an extensive line of centrifugal fans and blowers designed to work with a wide range of airstreams ranging from clean air to bulk material handling across a variety of airflows relative to static pressure and temperature.

Custom Fans & Blowers

Custom & Proprietary Applications often require fans built to custom specifications. AIRPLUS, in partnership with New York Blower Heavy Industrial Fans, can design and source fans to meet your application specifications. Often our client requirements include high-efficiency fans, abrasion-resistant fans and high-temperature fans. API Process Industry Practises are observed.

Industrial Blower Fan - Custom Fan Applications | AIRPLUS Industrial
Large Industrial Fan Installation
Industrial Fan - Commercial & Industrial Fan Applications | AIRPLUS Industrial
Optimized Fan Solution

Custom Fan & Blower Categories

We can design, build and install a wide variety of fan and blower products to meet a diverse range of needs. These designs fall into several categories or types of fan products including:

  • Centrifugal Ventilator Fans
  • Axial Ventilator Fans
  • Plenum Fans
  • Double Width Fans
  • Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic Fans
  • Process Heat or Plug Fans

Fans & Blowers for Corrosive Environments

AIRPLUS offers the broadest and most complete line of industrial and commercial corrosion-resistant blowers and fans. We offer products that are AMCA certified for performance and noise. These fans and blowers are installed wherever there are problems with corrosion due to the contaminants in exhaust air or process gas streams.

FRP – Fibreglass Reinforced Plastics

Our product line of Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic fans are made from a thermoset plastic material, that has a highly crosslinked molecular structure. The result is a flexural, tensile strength, and temperature performance that is twice that of most thermoplastics.

Fan & Blower Noise Control Solutions

AIRPLUS uses a systems approach to applied noise control engineering. Silencers are adapted to your mechanical system – not the other way around. We work closely with Mechanical Engineers and Acoustic Consultants in the analysis and product selection for your silencing requirements.

Fan System Noise Control

Our silencers are aerodynamically optimized to deliver high levels of attenuation with minimal pressure drop without any adverse fan system interactions.

Turbine System Noise Control

We can designs and source a complete line of noise control products for gas turbine applications that meet the high performance demands and rigorous quality standards of modern power-plant facilities.

AMCA Standards

The suppliers we partner with manufacture their products in Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA)-registered laboratories that allow them to meet the highest standards in product development and performance testing. All products undergo extensive air performance, sound and quality assurance testing.