Breathable Air

The removal of contaminants from the air around us or that are generated by the work we do needs to be “treated,” and the manufacturers and the products that we represent do just that. You may need a dust collector to collect the airborn dust particles from a manufacturing process or blast room, a welding smoke collector from a welding project, a mist collector for oil fumes from a machining process, or to collect odours from a food processor.

We offer the products you need for any of these scenarios, and a full line of aftermarket filters and accessories for the equipment from a variety of manufacturers.

We sell, service, test and certify to adhere to OSHA and WCB regulations and standards.

Our many quality air products include:

  • Cartridge dust collectors and bag houses by Dust Hog
  • Fume extractors and mist collectors by Smog Hog
  • Replacement filters for dust collectors by TDC Filter Inc.
  • Aftermarket service parts by Air Filtration Productions
  • Dust collector fans and air movers by ASL Custom Fan Packages
  • Dust and fume extraction equipment by Parker APC Equipment
  • Dust collection systems by SG Purification Products