Fire & Explosion Suppression


AIRPLUS specializes in leading-edge solutions for fire suppression and explosion mitigation products to protect industrial facilities, equipment & employees.

Costs Related to Facility Fires or Explosions

Companies today are looking to fire and explosion suppression solutions to reduce
or eliminate:

  • incident downtime costs
  • costs resulting from collateral damage to production
  • costs resulting from collateral damage to process equipment


Mitigating Fire & Explosion Hazards

AIRPLUS specializes in leading edge solutions from best in class suppliers of fire suppression and explosion mitigation products. After a risk assessment, we will design a comprehensive fire and explosion suppression system to ensure employee safety and mitigate the possibility of an explosion event within your facility.

Production Line Fire & Explosion Protection

Proper production equipment and process protection is a growing concern for businesses who deal with combustible dust or other flammable materials in their day-to-day production. Many insurance companies today are now focused on production line protection. Ensuring proper protection is critical for businesses to reduce or eliminate downtime costs due to incidents. At the same time providing additional protection to employees.


Leaders in Fire & Explosion Hazard Solutions

AIRPLUS is a leading provider of fire and explosion suppression solutions for protecting industrial operations; from equipment selection to design, we can provide complete turnkey installations.

Working With Your Insurers

AIRPLUS will work with our customers and their insurers to provide proper solutions for any fire or explosion hazards. The solutions we provide will follow the applicable NFPA Standards, FM Global Standards & Certifications and other Insurers requirements.

Focused Fire & Explosion Safety Solutions

AIRPLUS fire & explosion safety solutions are ultimately focused on:

  • Worker Safety
  • protecting production equipment
  • protecting processes
  • eliminating downtime


Brands We Trust

We offer the following explosion protection equipment and solutions:

  • Firefly spark detection and extinguishing systems for pneumatic ducts & conveyors.
  • Firefly Quick Suppression systems for machinery & space protection.
  • IEP Active Explosion suppression for equipment & pneumatic process isolation.
  • Vigilex Passive vents and for equipment & process protection.
  • SEVO Novec-1230 for Data Centres
  • MCC control room and Power Distribution Centre protection.
  • Firetrace pre-engineered solutions for small space & cabinet protection.
  • Advanced Fire Systems for building fire alarm detection & notification.
  • inControl CO2 fire suppression for outdoor spaces & equipment.
Firefly spark detector & suppressor - Fire & Explosion Suppression Systems | AIRPLUS Industrial

Key Applications

  • Lumber Mills
  • OSB Plants
  • MDF Plants
  • Pulp & Paper Mills
  • Plywood Mills
  • Mass Timber Producers
  • Grain Elevators & Terminals
  • Mines